The batter who hit his first career home run played for the Chicago Cubs. The kid who caught the ball was a Cleveland Indians fan, wearing an Oakland A's jersey.

And now, that fan is a Detroit Tigers draft pick.

"Too many teams to handle," Adam Wolf said.

Wolf, a left-hander out of Louisville who was the Tigers' fifth-round draft pick Tuesday, loves telling the story, and he can pull up YouTube to prove it's true.

It was June 18, 2015, at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Indians vs. Cubs.

And in the top of the fifth inning that Thursday night, a plump Cubs rookie slugger named Kyle Schwarber launched a Danny Salazar pitch the other way, and over the big wall in left field. There was a fan in a Cubs jersey who reached for the ball, but it ended up in the hands of Wolf — with the barehanded grab, after all.

"As soon as I caught it, I was looking around, saying, 'This is awesome,'" said Wolf, now 21. "Then a security guard came over and said, 'You need to come with me,' and I was like, 'Oh boy, I'm in trouble."

Pretty soon, though, he realized he was far from in trouble. He had hit the jackpot.

The security guard was there to negotiate a buyout for the ball, so it could be returned to Scwharber.

Wolf ended up getting two signed baseballs, one from Schwarber and one from Indians ace Corey Kluber.

"Though now in hindsight, I should've asked for the next time the Cubs and Indians play in the World Series against each other, I want tickets," Wolf said, laughing. "Foolish on my part!"

The Cubs and Indians, of course, played in an epic World Series in 2016, the Cubs winning in six games.

That was the first time Wolf ever caught a ball at a major league stadium. In fact, he said, "it was the first time anything's even been hit in my general direction."

That highlight came shortly after his high school graduation from Edison High in Milan, Ohio. He wasn't drafted out of high school and went to Louisville, where he relieved his first two years before moving to starter this year. He became the Friday night ace, and on Tuesday a top Tigers' draft pick.

Oh, by the way, why the A's jersey?

"Jason Giambi," Wolf said of the slugger, who played the last two seasons of his career with the Indians.