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Chicago – It was about the third inning Wednesday when Ron Gardenhire turned to bench coach Steve Liddle and said:

"I'm not feeling too good."

Then came "the shakes," as Gardenhire explained following Wednesday's game, which had seen the Cubs beat the Tigers, 5-2, at Wrigley Field on a day when the heat index was 102 degrees.

Gardenhire headed for the clubhouse and for an immediate quaffing of Pedialyte – five bottles of it. His neck was adorned in cold towels.

"Just a little dehydration and overheated a little," Gardenhire said, sitting in the visiting manager's office afterward with Liddle and Joe Vavra, who is the team's quality-control coach. 

Gardenhire was replaced by Liddle on a day when dehydration was everyone's enemy, including the 40,510 who jammed Wrigley for a Fourth of July sauna.   

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Gardenhire and the Tigers trainers theorized the skipper had overdone it during batting practice as he wore his customary pre-game Tigers shell-top.

"The next thing you know, everything's spinning," Gardenhire said, speaking of dizziness that arrived even before his body began trembling.

The Tigers medical corps wanted Gardenhire to fight the dehydration with an IV-injection. But he opted to stick with the Pedialyte and the cold compresses as he began to feel better.

"All my vitals are good," said Gardenhire, who expects to be fine when the Tigers begin a home series Thursday against the Rangers at Comerica Park. "Basically, I just got overheated.

"And that was my fault."

The game-time temperature Wednesday was 92, enhanced by heavy humidity that added 10 more degrees to the index. 

Liddle said the trick was to understand everyone was dealing Wednesday with the same conditions.

The best defense? 

Simply, he said, "To drink as much water as you can."

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