No respect: Tigers uniform not among MLB players’ favorites

The Detroit News
Josh Harrison polled 85 current major leaguers on their favorite uniforms and one disturbing thing emerged:

They don’t have much respect for the Olde English “D.”

Just one of the 85 players said the Tigers’ uniform was his favorite. Also receiving one vote were the iconic uniforms of the Red Sox and Cubs.

These kids.

The Dodgers and Yankees tied for first with 10 votes each.

Said the Red Sox’s Brock Holt of the Dodgers’ uniform: “The crisp, clean white with the blue lettering and the one red number. That’s really clean. And even their grey uniforms with the blue and just the red number kind of stands out.”

Players were not allowed to vote for their own team’s uniform.

The Braves were third with nine votes, the Mariners fourth with six, and the Cardinals and Diamondbacks tied for fifth with five.