To absolutely nobody's surprise, Tigers second-round draft pick Nick Quintana is about to sign his first professional contract.

After all, he made a bit of buzz on social media the last few days, as a picture, sent to The News, circulated showing him rocking the popular gray "Detroit vs. Everybody" hoodie, along with a Tigers road cap.

The hoodie was in his collection well before the Major League Baseball Draft this week. His girlfriend's parents are from Michigan, and her dad gave Quintana the sweatshirt for Christmas.

"It's funny how the world works," Quintana told The News this week. 

Kenny Chafetz, the father of Quintana's girlfriend, Kasey, grew up in the Detroit area "and is a diehead Detroit sports fan," Quintana said. "The Lions, everything."

Quintana, 21, a third baseman from the University of Arizona, is scheduled to fly to Florida on Sunday and sign his contract Sunday or Monday.

An agreement is nearing conclusion, and he will sign for the slot value of the 47th overall pick, which is $1.58 million.

The Tigers already have signed their first-round pick, high-school outfielder Riley Greene, for slot value of $6.18 million. He was introduced at Comerica Park on Friday and impressed with some healthy batting-practice swings. The Tigers also are nearing a deal for third-round pick Andre Lipcius, a third baseman out of the University of Tennessee, also near slot, or $733,100.

Like Quintana, Lipcius also has a scheduled flight to Florida on Sunday.

The Tigers have a draft pool of $10,402,500 for their first 10 picks, and if the first three picks are any indication, they should be able to make it work with getting slot signings, despite drafting a high-school outfielder and nine college juniors — in other words, 10 players with negotiating power — in their first 10 picks.

"I'm so excited to play Major League Baseball, or minor-league baseball," said Lipcius, who watched the draft with family and friends at a hotel in Knoxville. "I was ecstatic."

In more draft news, Wayne State junior right-hander Hunter Brown, a fifth round pick by the Astros, is flying to Houston on Sunday and expects to sign then. An agreement is almost done, and he will be getting above the slot value of $306,800.

Tigers' first 10 picks of 2019

1st round: Riley Greene, 18, OF, Hagerty High School (Fla.), 6-2/195, L/L

2nd round: Nick Quintana, 21, 3B, University of Arizona, 5-10/187, R/R

3rd round: Andre Lipcius, 21, 3B, University of Tennessee, 6-1/190, R/R

4th round: Ryan Kreidler, 21, SS, UCLA, 6-4/208, R/R

5th round: Bryant Packard, 21, LF, East Carolina, 6-3/200, L/R

6th round: Cooper Johnson, 21, C, Ole Miss, 6-0/215, R/R

7th round: Zack Hess, 22, RHP, LSU, 6-6/219, R/R

8th round: Jack Kenley, 21, SS, University of Arkansas, 6-0/185, L/R

9th round: Austin Bergner, 22, RHP, University of North Carolina, 6-4/200, R/R

10th round: Jake Holton, 21, 1B, Creighton University, 6-0/210, R/R

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