Which pro sports league in North America will be the first to play a regular-season or postseason game?

That would be MLB, according to oddsmakers at

Despite their squabbles about compensation, MLB has even odds to be the first to return. The NHL, which has already decided to skip the balance of the regular season and go straight to the playoffs, is second at 7-2.

The NBA is next at 9-2, followed by MLS (19-1), college football (32-1) and the NFL (100-1).

The over-under date for the first MLB game is July 15, according to, while the over-under on the number of MLB regular-season games that will be played is 79.5.

The over-under on the number of MLB players who choose to sit out the season is 19.5.

By the way, the odds that there will be no 2020 MLB season at all are 8-5.

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