Opening Day at Comerica Park: Where to park, how to get in, and more

Nolan Bianchi
The Detroit News

The Detroit Tigers open their season at home Friday against the Chicago White Sox. If it’s your first time making the trip to Comerica Park, here are some things to know before you arrive.

Where to park

If you’re just looking for a quick, easy way to get in and get out, your best bet may be to reserve parking ahead of time in District Detroit through the Tigers’ website. Options for Opening Day run from $22-47.

District Detroit lots are first-come, first-serve, so for Opening Day, you might be pressing your luck by not reserving a spot ahead of time, depending on what time you arrive. While the proximity to the park for these sites is a plus, the downside is that no tailgating is allowed on these sites.

There are several other independent parking lots around the park that do allow tailgating, so if that’s your thing, setting up there might be a good idea.

How to get in

The gates to Comerica Park will open at 10:30 a.m. for Opening Day.

There are four main entrances to Comerica Park: The Comerica Entry, which is directly on front of the ballpark (on Witherell Street), the Rocket Mortgage Entry (on the corner of Adams and Witherell St., off Grand Circus Park), the Gallagher Entry (on the corner of Brush St. and Adams St.) and Gate D (on Montcalm St. at John R. St.)

What’s allowed in, and what’s not?

Bags of any kind are no longer permitted at Comerica Park, including purses and clutches. If you bring your bag to the park, you will be directed to a bag check near the venue before entering. The exceptions: Medical or diaper bags, and single-compartment wallets smaller than 4” x 6” x 1.5”.

Outside drinks are not permitted, with one caveat: Each guest is allowed to bring in one sealed, flavorless bottle of water. Comerica Park also has water fountains on-site, so you can refill them to stay hydrated without having to spend any money.

Other permitted items: Baseball gloves, binoculars, blankets, small cameras and radios, headphones, knitting needles, plastic baby bottles (if children are in the party), seat cushions, signs and banners, strollers, small collapsible umbrellas.

Other prohibited items: Aerosol cans, animals, baseball bats, beach balls and other inflatables, brooms, fireworks and weapons, frisbees, hard sided coolers, laser devices, markers and paint, noise-making devices, non-baseball related signs, outside food, selfie sticks, skateboards, squirt guns, sticks (including signs attached to sticks), stools, umbrellas with metal tips and golf umbrellas.

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Chilly, yes, but will rain delay the game?

Coney pasties, gyro nachos and more new food items at Comerica Park this season

What else is there to do at Comerica Park?

Rides: A merry-go-round is located in the concourse and a baseball-themed carousel stands behind Brushfire Grill, located down the third-base line of the concourse.

The Walk of Fame: Taking a trip around the concourse also means a trip down memory lane. Monuments dedicated to different decades during the 20th century are throughout the concourse, allowing guests to get to know their Tigers history as they walk through.

MotorCity Casino Hotel Tiger Club: Membership is required to access the 20,000 square-foot space located in the upper deck, which houses a bar, cigar bar and banquet facility overlooking the playing field.

Food: Outside of the standard ballpark treats (hot dogs, popcorn, nachos, etc.), Comerica Park offers a variety of gourmet food options, including coney pasties, gyro nachos, and more (which you can read more about here, from our own Melody Baetens).

Comerica Park

Address: 2100 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48201

Year opened: April 11, 2000

Capacity: 41,083

Dimensions: 345 feet to left field, 370 to left-center, 420 to center field, 365 to right-center, 330 to right field

Nolan Bianchi is a freelance writer.