Coach Cabrera? Miggy says he wants to stay with Tigers after playing days are over

Chris McCosky
The Detroit News

Los Angeles — On Thursday, Miguel Cabrera conducted an interview in Spanish via video conferencing with a group of Venezuelan reporters.

In that interview, as translated by M-Live’s Evan Woodbery, Cabrera said he would like to remain a part of the Tigers organization even after his playing days are over.

“I hope I can achieve (a title) in these two years that I have left or, if not, as an assistant, a coach, whatever,” he said. “I would like to spend more time with this team that has such a bright future.

“I know that my career is going to end at some point, but I’d like to be involved with the team, a team that has given me a lot. I’d like to share with them if that is God’s will.”

Coach Miggy? 

Miguel Cabrera has two years left on his contract, but he wants to stick around after that.

"Sure," manager AJ Hinch said. “Miggy’s already part of the staff anyway (laughing)."

Truth be told, Hinch likes the idea.

“Miggy has a lot to offer, specifically to young players, young Latin players,” Hinch said. “He’s terrific in spring training. Very approachable, very knowledgeable. Whether it’s a big-leaguer, minor-leaguer, the young kids on his son’s team, he’s truly in the mentor mode.

“We see him helping out. He’s doing it while he’s playing, I’m not sure what would cause him to not do it when he’s not playing. He’s welcome around this club whenever he wants and for as long as he wants.”

The guaranteed portion of Cabrera’s contract runs through 2023. He will make $32 million this year and next. He will be 41 at that point and the Tigers can buy out his two option years — 2024 and 2025 — for $8 million.