(Records through Monday's games.)

1. Golden State (33-6): Last year's Spurs proved a jump-shooting team can win in June. The Warriors do that better than any team.

2. Atlanta (34-8): Looking at them on paper, you're not sure how they've won 27 of 29, but playing well together accounts for so much. Time to stop doubting them.

3. Portland (31-11): The hand injury to LaMarcus Aldridge is cause for concern, putting more pressure on fourth-quarter legend Damian Lillard to keep them in striking distance of the top of the West.

4. Memphis (29-12): The acquisition of swingman Jeff Green might've just punched the rough-and-tumble Grizzlies a ticket to the Finals.

5. Houston (29-13): Guard James Harden is the league's most underrated leading scorer. You sleep on him, he'll score 45 in just 18 shots. Ask the Pacers.

6. Washington (29-13): Perhaps the sleeper in the East, humming along while the rest of the East goes through peaks and valleys. John Wall is the league's best point guard in the East.

7. L.A. Clippers (28-14): Something seems off with the chemistry in Los Angeles, because they're too talented to be this inconsistent.

8. Chicago (27-16): Derrick Rose is fed up, as the usually defensively stout team is giving up 100 points in bunches.

9. Dallas (29-13): They seem to be in cruise control, ingratiating Rajon Rondo to the system while being the second-best scoring team in the West.

10. Toronto (27-14): Struggling a bit, as Kyle Lowry hasn't taken control of this team the way he's expected to, but with DeMar DeRozan back, the burden should be lessened.

11. San Antonio (26-16): Now that Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard is back, the Spurs will work building chemistry, and not be concerned with playoff seeding.

12. Cleveland (22-20): Speaking of chemistry, the Cavs have made moves to build a contender for now—but was the price for J.R. Smith and Timofey Mosgov too much to pay?

13. Phoenix (25-18): The Suns have put Miles Plumlee on the trading block, and need to bolster their defense and rebounding. Who knows if that's a goal for the offensive-minded Suns?

14. Oklahoma City (20-20): Kevin Durant has publicly stated his team didn't need Brook Lopez, which puts more pressure on himself and Russell Westbrook to get to the postseason.

15. Milwaukee (21-20): You look up, and they keep winning, bolstered by Brandon Knight and one of the league's best defenses (97.1 points against).

16. Detroit (16-26): No shame in losing to Atlanta twice, but every game is a big game for the next two weeks. Can they keep playing at an emotional high?

17. Charlotte (17-25): Can they catch a break? Just when they get Al Jefferson back from injury, Kemba Walker sits with a cyst on his knee.

18. Miami (18-22): Entering the stage of the season where Dwyane Wade's health becomes a nightly question, and the Heat need him to be the best shooting guard in the East to stay afloat.

19. Brooklyn (17-24): Coach Lionel Hollins is getting more vocal, and the Nets appear to be in sell-mode—as in sell the players, sell the team. Not looking good.

20. New Orleans (20-21): The ultimate up-and-down squad, living in no-man's land. A loss to hapless Philly was followed up by a buzzer-beater in Toronto.

21. Denver (18-23): The Nuggets have put Wilson Chandler on the market, and overall look rudderless. What's their direction?

22. Indiana (15-28): Frank Vogel's perimeter defense has sprung a leak: 52 to Mo Williams, 37 to Brandon Jennings and 45 to James Harden. What gives?

23. Orlando (15-29): Tobias Harris' ankle sprain was followed by wins against Houston and Chicago. Are they better without him?

24. Boston (13-26): In the words of former Lions coach Bobby Ross: "Abandon ship!" Clearly planning for next year, trading and waiving players left and right.

25. Sacramento (16-25): After a strong start, the Kings have turned back into the Kings. How long before Boogie Cousins gets more ornery than usual?

26. Utah (14-27): The growth of raw center Rudy Gobert appears to be the only glimmer of hope in Salt Lake.

27. L.A. Lakers (12-30): Kobe Bryant is openly talking about shutting down for the season and possibly retirement. He may slow down after the break, but he's not walking away from $25 million next season.

28. Minnesota (7-33): Mo Williams 50-point explosion and Andrew Wiggins' rapid growth are the only things worth remembering about this season.

29. Philadelphia (8-33): Purposely miserable. So miserable that skinny rookie Joel Embiid is drowning his sorrows in food, getting up to 300 pounds because he's not playing.

30. New York (6-36): Miserable without a purpose. Knick fans better have loads of patience—or loads of whiskey.