(Records through Monday's games)

1. Golden State (36-6): Klay Thompson's 52-point performance shouldn't have put the NBA on notice but Steph Curry claiming that winning is "boring"? That should scare the league.

2. Atlanta (37-8): The 16-game winning streak is bound to end sometime but if it continues, Feb. 6 against Golden State will be must-see regular-season TV. The Hawks are politely demolishing opponents.

3. Memphis (32-12): Incorporating wing scorer Jeff Green without scrutinizing his struggles? A top-ranked defense tends to cure all ills.

4. Portland (32-13): LaMarcus Aldridge putting off wrist surgery in a contract seeason? Earns him respect in the locker room, but can Portland stay afloat if he's not 100 percent?

5. L.A. Clippers (31-14): The best way for Doc Rivers to stop hearing the calls of "nepotism" for acquiring his son? Win five straight and be within a game of second seed.

6. Washington (30-15): Must beware the dog days ahead. The toughest team in the East to figure out. Contender or placeholder?

7. Houston (31-14): Everyone's favorite punching bag, Dwight Howard, seems to be OK with James Harden taking shots and credit. How long will it be effective?

8. Dallas (30-15): Despite home loss to Bulls, Mavericks are solid, but will "solid" get them to June?

9. Toronto (29-15): DeMar DeRozan's return seems to have stabilized things. But they'll be top candidate for an upset if they don't feed big man Jonas Valanciunas more.

10. Chicago (29-17): Derrick Rose's scoring and shooting has increased every month. If he becomes more assertive, how will his teammates adjust?

11. Cleveland (25-20): Funny what a little health from LeBron and a six-game winning streak will do to David Blatt's job security. But how much will home court mean to inexperienced playoff crew?

12. San Antonio (29-17): Defending champs earn benefit of the doubt. But will the extra minutes and games played by Tim Duncan hurt them in the long run? Rest him or play him?

13: Oklahoma City (23-22): You can't be true title contenders if you can't get more than a game above .500. The District should be looking mighty good to Kevin Durant.

14. Milwaukee (22-22): He's gotten the scarlet letter because of the back-door dealing that landed him in Milwaukee, but Jason Kidd has that defense flying around.

15. Phoenix (26-20): They've been holding off Oklahoma City for the longest but it won't last. Home buzzer-beating losses to Houston will hurt soon enough.

16. New Orleans (24-21): Has won four in a row, and the defense has held last four opponents to just 86 points per game.

17. Miami (20-24): Is this the time of year Dwyane Wade turns it up or his body says no? Their playoff hopes depend on Wade not resting.

18. Charlotte (19-26): Losing Kemba Walker for six weeks after getting Al Jefferson for a month could be the thing that pushes Michael Jordan to acquire pricey Joe Johnson.

19. Detroit (17-28): Loss of Brandon Jennings will test Stan Van Gundy's patience if his team's resurgence turns into a funk.

20. Brooklyn (18-26): Whispers about Lionel Hollins' job security are growing louder. Roster is getting older and creakier by the minute.

21. Denver (18-27): Once on the doorstep of the eighth seed, seven straight losses exposed a leaky defense. Could there be whispers about Brian Shaw's future?

22. Boston (16-27): Plenty of opportunity and space for point guard Marcus Smart to learn on the job. Tayshaun Prince might be up for grabs on the waiver market soon.

23. Indiana (16-30): Still good on defense but lack of scoring hurts. Do they put veteran forward David West on the market?

24. Sacramento (16-27): DeMarcus Cousins should be an All-Star but that record is preventing a lot of individual accolades. Will Boogie erupt in frustration?

25. Orlando (15-33): Young team still has room to grow and will lose, but Jacque Vaughn should have more wins than this. Aaron Gordon's return from injury is a little light in the tunnel.

26. Utah (16-29): Bringing Trey Burke off the bench seems to work best for him. Rookie guard Dante Exum is the classic 'two steps forward, one back" kind of rookie.

27. L.A. Lakers (12-33): "Kobe, are you there? It's me. You've avoided me for awhile but it's just about time to come home"- Father Time. That shoulder injury isn't the last of Kobe Bryant, though for 25 million reasons.

28. New York (8-37): The good news: The Knicks didn't lose to the Sacramento Kings. The Bad news: The game was postponed, but even Mother Nature can't stop this disaster.

29. Philadelphia (8-37): There is no good news. Ever.

30. Minnesota (7-37): Andrew Wiggins will make the Cavaliers rue the day they traded him — but not yet, and the Wolves don't appear to have much of a plan.