Laimbeer: 'No question' LeBron is better than Jordan

The Detroit News
LeBron James

In the prime of their NBA careers, who is better -- Michael Jordan or LeBron James?

Former Pistons star Bill Laimbeer says it's LeBron -- "no question."

Laimbeer, coach of the New York Liberty, told Dan Patrick on Thursday that James, who has led the Cavaliers to the NBA Finals against the Warriors, is the better player.

"There's no question I would take LeBron James," Laimbeer said. "He can do more. Michael Jordan could score and make big shots and look spectacular at times with wild flying dunks. But LeBron can get you 18 rebounds, LeBron can get you 15 assists, if he chooses to -- or he can score 50 if he wants to. The triple-threat he poses is just phenomenal."

Patrick asked Laimbeer if Jordan wouldn't get the nod due to his clutch play and six NBA championships.

"Could any other player in the world get to the Finals with the players (LeBron) has around him?" Laimbeer answered. "I don't think so. Jordan couldn't have led this team to the Finals."