Rod Beard's NBA mock draft

Rod Beard
The Detroit News

Go through the gallery to see Rod Beard's NBA mock draft. Click here if you have trouble viewing the gallery.

The NBA draft is a week away and teams have created piles of notes and loads of video on their prospects to formulate their draft boards.

Former Michigan State star Miles Bridges is a likely first-round pick in next week's NBA draft.

This is regarded as one of the deeper drafts in recent years and beyond the immediate-impact players, there are plenty of solid contributors who can help a team, especially in the middle of the first round.

Last year’s draft was noted for the big trade between the Sixers and Celtics to swap the first and third picks. This year could have some deals in the top 10 as well, as teams change their strategies after their individual workouts.

A couple of those targets could be Trae Young or Jaren Jackson Jr., and there could be more, if teams fear they can’t get better in free agency and the right deals come around.

The Pistons don’t have a first-round pick, having sent their No. 12 selection to the Los Angeles Clippers in the deal for Blake Griffin in January. That doesn’t rule out a potential trade to move a big contract and get into the first round, but that seems unlikely.