Thunder veteran Russell Westbrook netted a historic 20-20-20 triple-double Tuesday night, becoming just the second player in NBA history to do so.

Westbrook had 20 points, 20 rebounds and 21 assists in a 119-103 win against the visiting L.A. Lakers. After the game, Westbrook dedicated his achievement to Nipsey Hussle, the hip-hop artist and business man. Hussle was killed Sunday outside of his Marathon Clothing store in L.A. He was 33.

“…That wasn’t for me, man,” Westbrook told reporters after the game. “That was for my bro, man. That was for Nipsey, man. Twenty plus 20 plus-20, they know what that means, man.

“That’s for my bro. Rest in peace, Nipsey.”

The Grammy-nominated rapper was a former gang member who stayed in his city of south Los Angeles after he got fame and left the gang life. He wanted to make his city less violent after and make it easier for kids like him to make it out. Los Angeles police have reported that Hussle had plans to meet soon with city officials to discuss strategies for ending gun violence in the area.

Eric Holder, the suspected gunman, was arrested 20 miles away from the shooting. Westbrook came from the same area as Hussle.

“(He was) somebody I looked up to,” Westbrook said. “Somebody that paved the way for a guy like myself. Growing up in an inner city, man, having these conversations with him.

“I’m just truly saddened by the situation. Just continue to pray for his family, his wife, his daughter. Just continue to live on his legacy and be positive for the community.

“And for sure I’m gonna do my part.”

The 20-20-20 triple-double has only happened once before. Wilt Chamberlain had 22 points, 25 rebounds and 21 assists for the Philadelphia 76ers on Feb. 2, 1968. The Sixers won the game, 131-121, against the Detroit Pistons at the Philadelphia Spectrum.