Vincent Goodwill

Are the Pistons better? Yes. Are they better coached? Yes. But the East is better, and there's still way too many questions to assume every variable will turn in their favor. They'll markedly improve and possibly challenge for a playoff spot. Record: 39-43

Bob Wojnowski

Stan Van Gundy will bring a defensive mindset and some energy to the sideline, and that might be the most entertaining part of the team. The Pistons will rise as Andre Drummond rises, and as Josh Smith adjusts to his new role. It will take some time. Record: 42-40

John Niyo

The Pistons finally have a real coach now. But are they coachable? Stan Van Gundy won't have a team he truly likes for another year or two, but getting this one to the playoffs seems like a necessary bridge to anything that's worth waiting for, doesn't it? Record: 40-42

Terry Foster

Look for the Pistons to get off to a slow start. And that is OK. Coach Stan Van Gundy can take the slow and deliberate approach because he is the coach and president. He does not know his team yet and will put different combinations on the floor until he learns his team. There is no pressure to succeed right away but Van Gundy will figure it out. Record: 44-38