NBA fines Pistons' Jennings for obscene gesture

Vincent Goodwill Jr.
The Detroit News

Auburn Hills -- Brandon Jennings' pockets will be a little lighter after he was fined $15,000 by the NBA for an "obscene gesture" during Monday's game against Toronto.

It's commonly known as the "Sam Cassell dance," named after the former NBA player and current assistant coach.

After hitting a 3-pointer to put the Pistons up 105-104 with 2:58 left, he motioned to a friend courtside, a friend of the rapper Drake, with whom Jennings is also close.

"The NBA called me this morning before shoot-around and asked me about the gesture," Jennings said. "I knew right away. It was in the moment. I was talking to a friend courtside. We had a little trash talk, friendly trash talk. And then I just got popped with the fine."

He was a little perturbed about the phone call that seemingly went a little too long, especially after Jennings admitted he did the gesture, albeit subtly.

"My thing is, why even call me? You've already made your decision," Jennings said. "Why keep asking me the question over and over?"