At 7-foot, Andre Drummond would stand out in any voting precinct in America.

Among NBA All-Star voters, though, the Pistons center has been invisible. So much so has lumped Drummond on its "The All-Ignored Team: Most slighted players in 2015 NBA All-Star voting."

Of Drummond, writes: "Drummond, Detroit's 21-year-old center, is by far the least polished of the five players on this list, but he also possesses the most upside.

"His exclusion from the All-Star voting leaderboard is both understandable and questionable. On one hand, Detroit got off to an atrocious 5-23 start, Drummond's shooting numbers and efficiency stats have dipped, and the Josh Smith fit question cloud hovered over everything.

"On the other hand, Drummond is still one of only 11 bigs to average a double-double this year; he joins Zach Randolph as the only members of that group that aren't among the top 50 vote-getters. Plus, the East's frontcourt pool is incredibly shallow: Drummond, by default, is more deserving than the likes of Joakim Noah (injuries have significantly hampered his play), Kevin Garnett (old), and Nikola Mirotic (a Rookie of the Year candidate playing a confined role for Chicago).

"This is still very much a story of 'what will be' rather 'what is' right now. Since dumping Smith, Detroit now has the looks of a playoff team; Drummond, an offensive rebounding and dunking machine who is improving as an defensive anchor, should get a slice of the credit for that turnaround. Check out how Drummond's impact numbers have flipped upside down since Smith's departure.

Before Dec. 22: Offensive Rating: 97.7 | Defensive Rating: 106.6 | Net Rating: -8.9

Since Dec. 22: Offensive Rating: 107.1 | Defensive Rating: 96.9 | Net Rating: +10.2

"'s Rob Mahoney laid out in detail the progress Drummond has made this season and what's still to come under coach Stan Van Gundy. Here's betting that Drummond: 1) winds up on next year's vote-getting leaderboard, and 2) finds a place in the All-Star Game before his age-25 season. Because, really, how many 21-year-old centers provide scoring and volume rounding, while also possessing the quickness, leaping ability, length, and timing required to come from the weakside to erase a shot at the rim in this manner?"

Drummond is in good company. Also making's All-Ignored Team: point guard, Jeff Teague, Hawks; shooting guard, Kyle Korver, Hawks, strong Gordon Hayward, Jazz; and power forward, Draymond Green (Michigan State), Warriors.