Forbes: Pistons worth $810 million

The Detroit News

The Pistons' value shot up 80 percent in the past year, according to Forbes magazine.

However, the team's overall value $810 million ranks No. 23 in the league and pales significantly to the Los Angeles Lakers whose overall value is estimated to be $2.6 billion.

The Pistons have $144 million in revenue and $18 million in operating income, the report says. In last year's report, Forbes valued the team at $450 million, which ranked No. 25.

At No. 30, the Milwaukee Bucks are the least valuable at $600 million.

Forbes notes the Pistons fired coach Maurice Cheeks and longtime president of basketball operation Joe Dumars in a front office purge. The team has also struggled to fill luxury suites and sign corporate partners in "economically depressed Detroit."

The Pistons average attendance this season is 14,230, which ranks No. 28 in the league.