Pistons keeping options open at point guard

Vincent Goodwill Jr.
The Detroit News

Philadelphia — Though it might be assumed the Pistons will sign a point guard to a 10-day contract to replace Brandon Jennings, coach Stan Van Gundy didn't rule out any kind of solution for the coming days.

Including a trade.

"We've got a few balls in the air," Van Gundy said. "As much as we would like to get things done really soon, we would like to make what we think is the best decision. So we sort of know plan A, B and C but plan A has to sort itself first before you go onto the other. It could be a couple days, still."

Van Gundy had originally said he thought the Pistons would acquire a point guard today by one means or another, but Wednesday's statement would seem to indicate any number of options are on the table.

Van Gundy doesn't have time to work the phones but that's where general manager Jeff Bower comes in. Bower will field and evaluate any offers the Pistons get.

Van Gundy has previously stated the Pistons weren't willing to give up draft picks or mortgage their future to preserve or improve their place in the standings.

Their three-game losing streak entering Wednesday's game in Philadelphia might be misleading, because the two games were close losses to two of the best in the East: Toronto and Cleveland.

One trade candidate could be forward Jonas Jerebko, a free-agent-to-be who has been replaced in the rotation by Anthony Tolliver, whom Van Gundy acquired on Christmas Eve. There are no indications the Pistons are actively shopping Jerebko, but he would seem to be the player most likely fetch a backup point guard in return.

"There's some things that are possible but you have to see if they come through, then if not you have other options to go in, so we'll see," Van Gundy said. "I don't know if we'll get it done by tomorrow. Could be Friday, Saturday. Could be Sunday. I don't think it'll go much further by then."

The Pistons have just one game in the next five days, giving them time to evaluate and, if necessary, incorporate a new player into the mix, if he's more than just a point guard on a 10-day contract.

Their next game is against the Rockets on Saturday, then they'll have another two days off before a home-road, back-to-back against Miami and Indiana.

When pressed, Van Gundy wouldn't confirm a trade was his first choice, but indicated whatever transaction was made wouldn't be a panic move.

"Not necessarily (a trade), but it's one of the options. But it has to be on our terms," Van Gundy said. "We've already decided what we would and wouldn't give up and right now people want more than we're willing to give up. I don't know if Plan A is a trade.

"There's all sorts of things. In some ways the trade may be the better thing. In other cases taking somebody from the D-League may be the better option."

"We've got a lot of things in mind. I think we know, 'If we can get this, we'll take it, if not we'll take this.' ... It's not just trades but player availability. Not everybody is willing to make a decision as quickly as we are. Some people are waiting on other things. It's not just trades."