Prince gives Pistons energy in return

By Terry Foster and Rod Beard, The Detroit News

Auburn Hills — Tayshaun Prince was more than just an uninterested spectator during Tuesday's Cavaliers-Pistons game at The Palace.

He came out with energy, guarding nemesis LeBron James. James had his moments, but there were highlights for Prince, too, despite the Pistons' 102-93 loss.

Prince blocked a James shot early, and moments later finished a three-quarters court mini-break with a rim hanging slam. He also hit a 3-pointer that gave the Pistons a 49-44 lead before halftime.

Prince also turned coach, giving any player that sat next to him on the bench advice.

He started his first game since returning to the Pistons following a controversial trade that sent Luigi Datome and Jonas Jerebko to the Celtics.

Much like the rest of the team, Prince did most of his damage in the first half, scoring six of his seven points. He was 0-for-2 from the floor after halftime. He also finished with four rebounds.

Free-throw flareup

Van Gundy believes if a rule is good the first 46 minutes of a game, it's good enough the final two minutes.

He made his comments during an uproar about whether a rule should be implemented to prevent teams from deliberately fouling bad free-throw shooters. The Spurs recently sent Clippers forward DeAndre Jordan to the foul line 28 times during a game that lasted nearly 21/2 hours.

Jordan shoots nearly 70 percent overall, but 40.8 percent from the free-throw line.

"Is that what (fans) really want?" Van Gundy said. "The league will decide what is best for our spectators."