Auburn Hills — She stood by him in Iowa and Germany, Spain and Idaho.

That's is how Pistons forward Anthony Tolliver knew his college sweetheart, Jessica Svoboda, was the one for him. She didn't care about the money and fame — he had none.

Tolliver was a journeyman, making 15 stops before finally landing in the NBA with the Pistons and finding a role. Now, he hopes for some stability.

"It means everything for me; it is like having her be a very consistent piece of my life going through all the changes and having someone consistent," Tolliver said. "She has been there before the money and stuff. ... She is in it for me."

Tolliver's teammate, Cartier Martin, also has been a traveling man. He is at his 15th stop. And like Tolliver, who has been a constant in the NBA since 2010, Martin has been in the big time since 2012.

This season, however, wasn't what Martin hoped for. He spent much of the time playing during scrap time.

"I didn't get a chance to play," Martin said. "It will be a big decision over the summer. It is something I have to discuss with my agent. I think I can be a good player that comes in and scraps and do whatever I can do to help the team win."

Tolliver was an important cog off the Pistons bench and started 11 games for the injured Greg Monroe. He made $3 million this season, and the Pistons must decide whether to guarantee his full $3 million salary for next season.

"I would love to have some stability to be somewhere and finish out my career," said Martin, 30. "Hopefully, it can be here in Detroit. It is a job. It is what I love to do."

Tolliver knows the feeling.

"It was a challenge, especially early in my career when I switched teams so much in one year," Tolliver said. "NBA, overseas, and you are just learning things on the fly."

Now, the two hope those days are over and they can remain teammates in Detroit.

"I play hard every night until I can't play hard any more," Tolliver said. "That is why I do this, so I can stick around for as long as I can."