Watch: Ex-Piston Maxiell chases Chinese player after foul

The Detroit News
Jason Maxiell

Former Piston Jason Maxiell took a hard foul -- actually, it was more like a cross-check -- during a game in the Chinese Basketball Association on Wednesday.

Understandably, he did not take too kindly to it. But Maxiell went to unusual lengths in his attempt to exact revenge.

Maxiell, who plays for the Tianjin Gold Lions, took a swing at Wu Ke of the Shandong Golden Stars, but missed, then chased Wu Ke the length of the floor -- bumping a referee out of his way in the process.

Maxiell was eventually talked down from his rage by Wu Ke teammate Michael Beasley, like Maxiell a former NBA player. You can watch the video above or HERE.

Maxiell, 32, was drafted by the Pistons in the first round in 2005 out of Cincinnati. He played for the Pistons for eight seasons before signing with the Magic as a free agent in 2013. He was waived by the Magic after the 2013-14 season and played for the Hornets last season.