Pistons have 4-1 odds to upset Cavaliers

The Detroit News
Reggie Jackson

With the regular season concluding Wednesday night and the 16-team playoff field now set, the Pistons have been given 250-1 odds to win the NBA championship, according to VegasInsiders.com.

Among Eastern Conference teams, the Pistons are last at 75-1 to make the NBA Finals.

Another online oddsmaker, SportsBettingDime.com, says the Pistons’ chances of upsetting the Cavaliers in the first round are 4-1.


NBA championship

Golden State Warriors, 1-2

San Antonio Spurs, 19-5

Cleveland Cavaliers, 4-1

Oklahoma City Thunder, 15-1

Los Angeles Clippers, 40-1

Toronto Raptors, 50-1

Miami Heat, 75-1

Boston Celtics, 80-1

Atlanta Hawks, 100-1

Charlotte Hornets, 125-1

Portland Blazers, 175-1

Indiana Pacers, 200-1

Detroit Pistons, 250-1

Houston Rockets, 250-1

Dallas Mavericks, 500-1

Memphis Grizzlies, 1,000-1

Pistons' bench outlasts Cavaliers' in season finale

Odds to win East

Cleveland Cavaliers, 5-13

Toronto Raptors, 5-1

Atlanta Hawks, 10-1

Miami Heat, 12-1

Boston Celtics, 15-1

Charlotte Hornets, 25-1

Indiana Pacers, 50-1

Detroit Pistons, 75-1

Odds to win West

Golden State Warriors, 5-11

San Antonio Spurs, 5-2

Oklahoma City Thunder, 7-1

Los Angeles Clippers, 20-1

Portland Blazers, 70-1

Houston Rockets, 100-1

Dallas Mavericks, 200-1

Memphis Grizzlies, 500-1


East first round

Cleveland vs. Detroit (4-1)

Toronto vs. Indiana (13-7)

Atlanta vs. Boston (13-10)

Miami vs. Charlotte (8-5)

West first round

Golden State vs. Houston (49-1)

San Antonio vs. Memphis (49-1)

Oklahoma City vs. Dallas (24-1)

L.A. Clippers vs. Portland (3-1)