Pistons to Detroit: What they’re saying

The Detroit News
Tom Gores

Notable quotes about the Detroit Pistons’ move to Little Caesars Arena in downtown Detroit:

Tom Gores, Pistons owner: “This is a historic day for our franchise, and for the City of Detroit. We’re moving to a beautiful new arena that will provide a state-of-the-art fan experience, and we’re investing in the future of Detroit. I've always believed that a sports franchise is a community asset with the power to unite and inspire people. There’s a big responsibility that goes with that, but there’s also a big payoff. Not just for the city of Detroit, but for the whole region. Detroit is rising, reinventing itself. The Pistons are doing the same. We’re in this together, and we couldn’t be more excited about that.

“The Palace has been an incredible home filled with great memories and has served the franchise well for nearly three decades. The entire Pistons organization appreciates the dedication of everyone in Auburn Hills and Oakland County who helped make the Palace so successful.”

Christopher Ilitch, president and CEO of Ilitch Holdings: “Tom Gores and the Pistons will contribute tremendously toward the incredible, positive momentum underway in Detroit, making our city stronger, which benefits residents, businesses and visitors not only in the city, but also across our region and state. This is a bold move that will have a positive effect throughout our entire community.

“We have tremendous respect for Tom Gores’ passion and commitment toward building a championship team and a stronger community,” he said. “We are very excited to work with Tom and his team to advance the vision of our founders, Mike and Marian Ilitch, for the live, work and play sports and entertainment district that our fans and the people of our city, region and state deserve."

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Mike Duggan, Detroit mayor: “This is further proof of Detroit’s resurgence and we look forward to welcoming the Pistons in their new home.”

Dan Gilbert, Detroit business and real estate developer: "The Detroit Pistons moving back to downtown Detroit is outstanding news. All 30 NBA teams will now be located in or nearby the urban cores of the cities they represent. This move makes sense for everyone involved: the Ilitches, Tom Gores, and most of all, the entire city of Detroit and the region which will now benefit from one of the most electric and exciting entertainment districts in the world. Congratulations to everyone who worked long and hard to make this happen."