Pistons want to keep ticket prices low in new home

Tony Paul
The Detroit News
Arn Tellem

Detroit -- The Detroit Pistons have some of the lowest ticket prices in the NBA, and that is expected to continue, even after they move into their new home, Little Caesars Arena, next fall.

Arn Tellem, vice president of Palace Sports & Entertainment, didn't have specific numbers Tuesday, but did his best to reassure fans that costs will remain contained.

"I do anticipate our tickets will always be, compared to the rest of the NBA, a great buy for the fans," Tellem said.

Last season, the average Pistons ticket cost $31.42, according to statista.com. Only the Charlotte Hornets and New Orleans Pelicans had lower average prices.

Moving into a new, state-of-the-art arena can often lead to price surges, but the Pistons must remain cognizant of their fan base. Moving back to Detroit is a feel-good story that quickly could turn sour if the downtown fans get priced out.

"It's going to be a win for everybody," Tellem said. "The team is a community asset."

Part of the agreement calls for the Pistons to donate tens of thousands of tickets to the youth of Detroit.

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Tellem also didn't have exact details of how the suite sales would work -- whether there'd be separate owners for the same suites for Red Wings and Pistons games, or whether owners will get access for both teams' games.

He said that'll likely be in the final details, which are to be unveiled early in 2017, as the agreement goes before the Detroit City Council, the DDA and the Michigan Strategic Fund for final approval.


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