Van Gundy: 'Travesty' Tim Hardaway not in the Hall

Rod Beard
The Detroit News

Auburn Hills — In Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy’s mind, this one should be a slam dunk: Tim Hardaway should be in the Hall of Fame. 

It’s not just because Hardaway is an assistant coach with the Pistons; he was one of the most productive point guards of his era. 

Hardaway starred with the Golden State Warriors and Miami Heat alongside a cast of Hall of Famers, but in his three times on the ballot, Hardaway has fallen short of getting there himself. 

And Van Gundy, who was an assistant coach on the Miami Heat team that Hardaway dominated with, thinks that’s a travesty. 

“He played on two really good teams, in Golden State early on,” Van Gundy explained. “Two guys that he played with are in the Hall of Fame — and deservedly so: Chris Mullin and Mitch Richmond. Tim was the best player on that team. 

“In Miami, he played on really good teams. Alonzo (Mourning) is in the Hall of Fame on that team — deservedly so — and Tim was the best player on that team. I was there.”





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It’s a compelling argument. Hardaway played 13 seasons and posted some impressive numbers: 17.7 points, 8.2 assists and 3.3 rebounds, hitting 36 percent of his 3-point attempts in 867 career games. He was a five-time All-Star, including three years with the Warriors, for whom he began his career in 1989 and spent six-plus seasons. 

Van Gundy had a front-row seat to Hardaway’s years in Miami and there’s no question in his mind that Hardaway is worthy. 

“So, you’re the best player on two good teams that have Hall of Famers going in. How can you not be in the Hall of Fame?” Van Gundy said. “That’s mind-boggling to me, so hopefully this year is his year, because he belongs in the Hall of Fame.”

Also on the ballot this year are former Pistons Ben Wallace and Tracy McGrady. Finalists need 18 of 24 votes from the Honors Committee to be selected.

Looking to get some more eyes on Hardaway’s candidacy, Van Gundy made another emphatic comparison.

“When we had him in Miami, he was first-team All-NBA, on a team winning 60 games. Alonzo was a big part of it too, but Tim was the guy everybody prepared for offensively — he was the guy,” he said. “There’s no question to me, on what he did on those two teams, that he should be in the Hall of Fame and deserves to get in and not come up short again.”

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