Pistons aren’t sure how they’ll use new ‘secondary’ logos

Tony Paul
The Detroit News
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The Pistons have filed applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for two new logos.

Detroit -- The Pistons continue working to update their look ahead of their looming move to their new home in downtown Detroit.

After unveiling their new primary logo last month -- a nod to the "Bad Boys" days, albeit slightly updated -- the Pistons have filed two more applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

One of the proposed logos is a "D" with a basketball running through it, and the other is a connected "D" and "P."

It's unclear how or if these logos will be used.

"They're secondary," said Kevin Grigg, spokesman for the Pistons. "We're not sure what we're going to do with them.

"We haven't made any decisions."

Many teams use more than one logo, of course.

The Tigers have multiple logos, the Olde English D as the primary, and then the 1990s-created "D" with a Tiger crawling through it. The Tigers also have started using their old, circular logo again in recent years, the one with a Tiger in a circle, with "Detroit" on top and "Tigers" on the bottom.

It appears the Lions and Red Wings use mostly one primary logo.

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Grigg said the Pistons are just protecting the renderings, in case they decide to use them. Some of the items proposed to carry the new logos include newsletters, gift certificates, pens and pencils, money clips and tickets, among many other possibilities.

Applications for trademark were filed June 9, and recently began making the rounds on Twitter.

"It's good for social media right now," Grigg said. "It's standard stuff that we do."


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