Pistons draft picks: 10 biggest hits

Rod Beard
The Detroit News
Joe Dumars, left, and Isiah Thomas were both first-round picks before leading the Pistons to back-to-back NBA titles in 1989-90.

Go through the gallery above to view the Pistons' 10 biggest draft hits. Click here if you’re having trouble viewing the gallery.

In most cases, the NBA draft is a crapshoot. Unless a team has a pick in the first few selections, there are no guarantees about the NBA potential evolving into NBA talent — and achieving the ultimate goal: championships.

Generally, teams have to have poor records the previous season to get a top pick and that doesn’t lead to immediate team success. The Pistons have been fortunate in their years of drafting to get players who have played a big part of their championship runs in the “Bad Boys” and “Goin’ to Work” eras.

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Before 1988, there were seven rounds to the NBA draft until it shrunk to three rounds. Since 1989, there have been just two rounds in each draft. The Pistons have had a mix of success, with some impact players and some who have been draft misses.

Here’s a look at the 10 draft hits in Pistons franchise history.