Pistons' Blake Griffin gets last laugh in Twitter prank

Rod Beard
The Detroit News
The trade rumors swirling about Pistons forward Blake Griffin over the weekend proved to be untrue.

All work and no play makes Pistons forward Blake Griffin … not so interesting.

Griffin, who dabbles in comedy outside of basketball, had some fun at the expense of NBA Twitter over the weekend.

On Sunday afternoon, Griffin posted a cryptic post on Twitter, with simple emoji eyeballs. It sent many NBA followers into a tizzy, trying to decipher what it meant.

Could Griffin be traded?

After notching the best season of his career, Griffin earned third-team All-NBA honors and it could have been a sign that the Pistons were looking to get a haul in return for their superstar, who finished the second year of his five-year contract worth $171 million.

After the Pistons’ 41-41 season and four-game sweep at the hands of the Milwaukee Bucks in the playoffs, were they looking to start over with a younger roster?

Not quite.

It turned out to be an elaborate ruse.

Griffin appeared on a podcast Monday with Barstool Sports and revealed that the tweet was a trick to see how people on Twitter would react to a post with just suggestive googly eyes.

“At free time, you can start getting cryptic and start firing off the most random emojis,” Griffin said in the video. “I think we should pick three emojis that I tweet every day leading up to free agency.”

It worked.

The tweet had more than 17,000 likes and more than 1,600 retweets, with more than 500 replies — many with antsy fans questioning the meaning.

“You walked right into it!” Griffin said in the video with a laugh.

Free agency begins on June 30 and with the draft on June 20, many had speculated that the Pistons were making a trade with the Atlanta Hawks, because of another cryptic tweet, by Hawks guard Trae Young: “Crazy how quick things can change....”

With all that debunked, Griffin revealed also that his recovery from an arthroscopic procedure last month following the playoff appearance.

“The knee is great,” Griffin said in the video.


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