Cleveland — Call him Sekou or Dr. Doumbouya.

The Pistons rookie is making a name for himself with his growth in the past week.

In a season that’s growing by the game, the rookie first-round pick is gaining confidence and making people learn to pronounce "Doom-boo-yuh."

It hasn't taken long for the rookie forward to gain fans, since he moved into the starting lineup last week on the six-game road trip. 

Doumbouya is gaining a few more after a highlight-reel dunk Tuesday against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Doumbouya, 19, drove the lane against Cavs center Tristan Thompson and had a strong finish — and proceeded to stare down Thompson to punctuate the move. 

"I was straight; I don't react. I don't scream," Doumbouya said after the game. "I just was just concentrating on the game." 

For what it's worth, Doumbouya contends that it's not the best dunk he's done. Along with second-year guard Bruce Brown, they quickly determined there was another one. 

Brown: "You had another one overseas."

Doumbouya: "Yeah I got a better one overseas. This one (in the U.S.) for the moment, that's the best one."

When asked if fans can expect more like that, he smiled: "We'll see." 

Doumbouya finished with 15 points — and one body — as he continued his NBA indoctrination with a matchup against Kevin Love. In his first three starts, he faced Kawhi Leonard, Draymond Green and LeBron James.

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