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Pistons' Dwane Casey: Capitol events a 'great attack on our democracy'

Rod Beard
The Detroit News

Like many Americans, Pistons coach Dwane Casey was keeping tabs on the stunning events unfolding Wednesday afternoon at the Capitol in Washington D.C.

Casey and the Pistons, in Milwaukee for Wednesday night’s matchup against the Bucks, tried to focus on their business trip, but a historic day in the nation’s capital provided time for reflection.

Dwayne Casey

“As a father and husband and human being, (it was hard to watch) the situation that happened at our Capitol today — our house, the people's house — to be stormed like that and overtaken, basically,” Casey said. “Whoever it was — I don't know if it was a group or whoever it is — but it was malicious and dangerous and a great attack on our democracy. That is concerning and far more dangerous and important than basketball.”

Throughout the day, the protests in the morning turned into violence around the Capitol, with the mob breaking windows and entering the Senate and House chambers, taking photos and posting them to social media.

It was a history-making day to behold, but nothing like Casey, 63, saw while he was growing up in the South in the 1960s.

“It wasn't anything like this. It wasn't an attack on our country, maybe on racist people but not an attack on the country, so to speak. It's our country — and we're all in this, Republicans, Democrats, Independents — whatever it is, it doesn't matter,” Casey said. “It's our country that was being attacked and our Capitol building. It's as bad but it's an attack on our country, so if you're a patriot or if you're an American citizen, it should concern you to see that happen to our Capitol.”

Trying to focus on basketball during a time that the country is undergoing more serious issues of the court could be tough for players.

The Bucks, who were going through the aftermath of the decision this week not to charge the officers involved in the Jacob Blake shooting, have another issue to worry about. Coach Mike Budenholzer was shocked by the events at the Capitol.

“It's very disturbing and hard to watch and process how something like this could be happening,” Budenholzer said. “It's very unfortunate and very frustrating.”

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