Prospects endure dog days of NFL combine season

Josh Katzenstein
The Detroit News

Indianapolis — For NFL teams, interviews with players is among the most important part of the combine, and some teams ask weird questions to test critical thinking skills of the athletes.

But, one question former Western Michigan offensive tackle Willie Beavers took from the Atlanta Falcons during a formal interview was as elementary as could be.

“What would I rather be, a cat or a dog?” Beavers said when asked for the weirdest question from his combine interviews.

Beavers, a Southfield native, had a quick response.

“A dog, of course,” he said.


“A dog is more loyal,” he said. “I had a dog growing up, and he was very loyal.”

According to former Michigan center Graham Glasgow, coaches and scouts aren’t the only people asking odd questions. During a video interview for the NFL, someone asked Glasgow one thing he’d change about himself.

“I guess my answer would be like having size 14 feet so I can buy shoes at actual stores instead of having to order them online,” said Glasgow, who wears size 15 or 16 depending on the shoe. “You can still get all the cool styles in 14. They don’t make cool styles in 15.”