Commentary: Antonio Brown must stop TD gyrations

Paul Zeise
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Antonio Brown’s end zone dancing is only an issue because he gets penalties when he does it. And that’s why he should stop doing it, at least until he understands clearly from the NFL what he is or isn’t allowed to do.

Wide receiver Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers celebrates after scoring touchdown.

We now are to the point where we need league officials to clarify what is legal and what isn’t legal when a player decides to do an end zone celebration. Think about this: All the things wrong with the NFL and we are talking about end zone dances.

But since it has become such a hot-button issue, apparently, this should be the easiest issue the NFL has handled in a long, long time. Make them all legal. I mean, why are they illegal in the first place? Who are they hurting? Who are they offending? How are guys celebrating big plays hurting the brand or taking away from the shield?

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I’ve never understood why a league that is supposed to be entertainment is trying to take away the fun and individuality from its players.

So, I say make it simple and make the dances legal and get rid of unsportsmanlike conduct penalties for guys who want to twerk, gyrate, jump around, do the Cotton Eye Joe or whatever the heck else they choose to do.

The rules may change soon; it seems like there is a movement to try to relax them, and maybe guys will have more opportunities to express themselves in the future. But they haven’t changed yet, and since they haven’t changed, Brown should stop doing things he knows or thinks might draw penalties.