Thursday’s NFL: Incognito taken to hospital in fracas

Associated Press

Police took veteran NFL guard Richie Incognito to a mental hospital after he allegedly threw weights and tennis balls at gym employees and another patron and told officers the government is spying on him, according to a report released Thursday.

Police in Boca Raton, Florida say a patron at Life Time Athletic, Mark O’Brien, told officers James Brown and Dave Rosenthal he was jogging on the outdoor track when he saw Incognito acting angry. O’Brien said he tried to calm Incognito, but as he walked away, the former Buffalo Bill threw a tennis ball at his foot, tried to run him over with a weighted pushing sled and then threw two weights — one into the pool and another at him, which missed. He said Incognito, 34, then cursed at him, telling him to get out of his “playground.”

O’Brien called 911 and in a recording released Thursday a voice identified as Incognito’s can be heard in the background yelling and cursing at him. He told the dispatcher Incognito, who was dressed in shorts and no shirt, was trying to hit him as they talked. He told the dispatcher the 6-foot-4, 322-pound Incognito is “huge” but a “little overweight.”

Officer Brown wrote that when he and Rosenthal arrived at the gym, a staff member handed them Incognito’s concealed weapons permit and told them he had thrown objects at the staff. No gun was found on Incognito and it is unexplained why the employee would have his permit.

Brown said that when he approached Incognito, he said he was under contract for the National Security Agency, a top U.S. spy agency, and that another patron was wearing headphones nearby.

“I’m running NSA class level 3 documents through my phone,” Incognito told Brown, saying he couldn’t have anyone with Bluetooth capability near him.

Video shows Williams arrest

Frisco police released dash cam and body cam video of their investigation and arrest of Dallas Cowboys receiver Terrance Williams on a charge of public intoxication Saturday morning after police found his 2017 Lamborghini crashed into a light pole.

The police found the Lamborghini abandoned in the area of Frisco Green Avenue and Lebanon Road, not far from the Cowboys’ practice facility, at 4:45 a.m. After police determined that the vehicle was registered to Williams, the receiver was found near his home riding an electric bicycle and was arrested.

The video lines up with the story in the police report and is contrary to statements released by Williams and his lawyer, Chip Lewis, who claim the car accident didn’t involve a light pole at all.

Williams claimed he had been home all night and blamed the crash on former Baylor teammate Kendall Wright, whom he called an “idiot.”

Williams was observed to have bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and the odor of alcohol by officers at the scene, prompting his arrest absent a sobriety test or breathalyzer.

Extra points

The NFL is joining an effort for nonprofit organizations to support healthy lifestyle programs for veterans and their families.