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Detroit News NFL picks: Week 2

The Detroit News

Justin Rogers, James Hawkins, John Niyo and Bob Wojnowski of The Detroit News offer their predictions for Week 2 of the NFL season.

Ezekiel Ansah (left) and the Detroit Lions visit San Francisco on Sunday.

Detroit +3 at San Francisco

Rogers: San Francisco

Hawkins: San Francisco

Niyo: San Francisco

Wojnowski: San Francisco

Baltimore -1.5 at Cincinnati

Rogers: Baltimore

Hawkins: Baltimore

Niyo: Baltimore

Wojnowski: Baltimore

Indianapolis +5.5 at Washington

Rogers: Washington

Hawkins: Washington

Niyo: Washington

Wojnowski: Indianapolis

Carolina +4.5 at Atlanta

Rogers: Atlanta

Hawkins: Atlanta

Niyo: Atlanta

Wojnowski: Atlanta

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Minnesota +2 at Green Bay

Rogers: Green Bay

Hawkins: Minnesota (best bet)

Niyo: Minnesota

Wojnowski: Minnesota

L.A. Chargers -7.5 at Buffalo

Rogers: L.A. Chargers

Hawkins: L.A. Chargers

Niyo: L.A. Chargers

Wojnowski: L.A. Chargers

Houston +3 at Tennessee

Rogers: Tennessee

Hawkins: Houston

Niyo: Houston

Wojnowski: Houston

Kansas City +5 at Pittsburgh

Rogers: Pittsburgh

Hawkins: Kansas City

Niyo: Pittsburgh

Wojnowski: Kansas City

Miami PK at N.Y. Jets

Rogers: N.Y. Jets

Hawkins: N.Y. Jets

Niyo: Miami

Wojnowski: N.Y. Jets

Philadelphia -3 at Tampa Bay

Rogers: Philadelphia

Hawkins: Philadelphia

Niyo: Philadelphia

Wojnowski: Philadelphia

Cleveland +8 at New Orleans

Rogers: New Orleans

Hawkins: New Orleans

Niyo: New Orleans

Wojnowski: New Orleans (best bet)

Arizona +10 at L.A. Rams

Rogers: L.A. Rams

Hawkins: L.A. Rams

Niyo: L.A. Rams

Wojnowski: Arizona

New England -1.5 at Jacksonville

Rogers: New England (best bet)

Hawkins: New England

Niyo: Jacksonville

Wojnowski: New England

Oakland +4.5 at Denver

Rogers: Denver

Hawkins: Denver

Niyo: Denver (best bet)

Wojnowski: Denver

N.Y. Giants +3 at Dallas

Rogers: Dallas

Hawkins: Dallas

Niyo: Dallas

Wojnowski: Dallas

Seattle +3 at Chicago

Rogers: Chicago

Hawkins: Chicago

Niyo: Chicago

Wojnowski: Chicago


Rogers: 8-7-1 last week and overall, 1-0 best bets

Hawkins: 6-9-1 last week and overall, 1-0 best bets

Niyo: 8-7-1 last week and overall, 0-1 best bets

Wojnowski: 8-7-1 last week and overall, 1-0 best bets