Lions to get Calvin Johnson some playing time, gauge Jaguars’ response

By Josh Katzenstein
The Detroit News

The Lions plan to give wide receiver Calvin Johnson his first playing time of the preseason against the Jaguars Friday, and when asked about what he’s looking for, Caldwell made a point to note his impressions of the All-Pro.

“I know he’s been itching to get in,” coach Jim Caldwell said. “Maybe the humblest individual that I’ve ever been around, and not only that, maybe the hardest worker. He’s a tremendous person, and he’s just tireless in terms of his efforts to get on the field and help his team.”

No matter how long he’s on the field Friday, the coaching staff will gain a better understanding of how defenses react with him on the field. Even though there are some ways to anticipate how teams will react to the Lions’ weapons, there’s no way to truly predict without seeing it in a game setting.

“That’s not the goal, but it’s something that when you go into a ballgame, you certainly have to take into account because there are different things that require a different reaction depending on how they deal with him from a coverage standpoint,” Caldwell said. “Sometimes it opens things up. It may be in your passing game on the opposite side or inside on the same side or the running game.”