‘We don’t care’: Lions dismiss Cam Newton’s ‘Donkey Kong Suh’ comment

Josh Katzenstein
The Detroit News

Allen Park — Ndamukong Suh declined the opportunity to talk about it, but other Lions players and coaches discussed Cam Newton’s comments from Wednesday, when he referred to the All-Pro defensive tackle as “Donkey Kong Suh” multiple times.

“We don’t care,” Lions defensive tackle C.J. Mosley said. “We don’t care. We’ve got a job to do, and that’s what it comes down to. We do our talking in between the lines on the field. That’s where we communicate.”

Coach Jim Caldwell said last week that he doesn’t use bulletin board material to motivate his players, but that doesn’t mean they don’t hear it.

Last year, Packers guard Josh Sitton called the Lions’ defensive players “scumbags,” and the Lions responded with seven sacks in a 40-10 victory on Thanksgiving.

“Maybe he wants to have a closer conversation, an in-depth conversation, in the game with him,” Mosley said. “I don’t know why he would do that.

“That’s not a nickname. A nickname is cool. That’s just terrible.”

Mosley had the most to say about Newton’s comments, which he said he hadn’t heard before the media asked him about it in the locker room, but he repeatedly said, “We don’t care.” Defensive end Jason Jones agreed and assumed Suh didn’t care either.

“I don’t care,” Jones said. “I’m pretty sure y’all got to ask him. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care either.”

Suh walked into the locker room holding a cell phone to his ear, though he didn’t say a word into it. Even when he brought the phone away from his ear, the screen remained black, indicating that he wasn’t on a call.

“I don’t think he’ll respond because it means nothing to us,” defensive coordinator Teryl Austin said. “We worry about us.”

Austin said he hadn’t discussed Newton’s comments with Suh “because it’s really not worth speaking about.” Caldwell, however, said the assumption that he didn’t speak with Suh about the remarks was incorrect, but agreed that it won’t impact Suh’s approach to the game.

“I think you’ll find the unique thing about our guys is they’re intrinsically motivated,” Caldwell said. “It doesn’t take anything from the outside to get our guys fired up. One way or another, they’re excited to have an opportunity to play.”