Stafford OK; Caldwell won't discuss Bell's concussion

Josh Katzenstein
The Detroit News

Allen Park — Matthew Stafford is fine after being banged up in the Lions' 24-17 win over the New York Jets Sunday, but his minor injuries were the only ones coach Jim Caldwell would address during his Monday news conference.

Joique Bell suffered a concussion in the game, but Caldwell refused to confirm the injury, just as he did after the game Sunday.

"I'm not going to talk about injuries in particular," he said when asked if Bell went through protocol for a brain injury. "I'll leave that up to our injury report. You can take a look at that when it does come out."

The Lions' first injury report comes out after practice Wednesday afternoon.

Bell was on the field for the first play of the fourth quarter, a 1-yard touchdown run by Stafford, but went to the locker room shortly after with what the team called a head injury.

In the locker room after the game, the team prevented Bell from speaking with the media, which is consistent with the NFL's concussion protocol.

It's unclear when Bell suffered the injury as he did not incur any contact on his final play. Late in the third quarter, he led with his helmet on a block during Ryan Broyles' 21-yard reception. He also took hits from a few Jets defenders on his final run, a 1-yard gain on the last play of the quarter.

With the emphasis the NFL has put on concussions, particularly following recent lawsuits, most teams have not disclosed information on brain injuries. Caldwell, though, treated Bell's injury like any other as he's only offered details on season-ending injuries in his first season in Detroit.

"Only because of the fact that once we start, it snowballs, then we're talking next week about another injury," he said. "I haven't done it up to this point, and I don't plan to start."

Stafford, meanwhile, received treatment on his throwing arm and was limping after the game, but Caldwell said those injuries were nothing atypical.

"He's OK," Caldwell said of the quarterback. "The game is a physical game, a lot of contact and, as you well know, collisions out there. So guys are going to sometimes come out of those games pretty sore from time to time. I doubt that there's anybody in this building that has played 65 plays like he played that doesn't come out of there with some issues."

Defensive tackle Nick Fairley limped off the field in the fourth quarter, and running backs Montell Owens (hamstring) and Theo Riddick (hamstring) missed the end of the game. Caldwell declined to update their status after the game Sunday.