Bagshot, England — The Lions welcomed a special guest at their final practice outside of London on Friday.

Havard Rugland, better known as "Kickalicious," visited practice at the Pennyhill Park Hotel on Friday before the Lions headed to a new hotel in London for the next two nights.

"It's always nice to meet old friends," he said.

The Norwegian Rugland, 30, spent the 2013 offseason with the Lions, losing the kicker competition to veteran David Akers in training camp. Although he'd never played football, the Lions signed Rugland after seeing the precision with which he kicked on a trick-shot video that made him a YouTube sensation.

In three exhibition games with the Lions, Rugland was 3-for-3 on field goals with a long of 50 yards, but his lack of football training led the Lions to cut him.

But Rugland hasn't given up on his dream of playing in the NFL, so he's continuing to fine-tune his kicking in Norway. Of course, it's harder to find places with goalposts outside of the United States.

"When you're in Norway, you've got to be a little bit more creative," he said. "During the summer, there's a field in my town with the goalposts, so that's a perfect deal. Otherwise, I just put up something to visualize it.

Rugland, who earned endorsement deals with Pepsi and Gillette since his cup of coffee in the NFL, plans to attend Sunday's game between the Lions and Atlanta Falcons at Wembley Stadium. Even though the Lions released him, he said he's been a fan of the team since it gave him a chance.

"I'm excited for the game," he said. "I've been watching every Lions game, especially the last one was pretty sick. That was the best game I ever watched."

Rugland had never even worn a football helmet before joining the Lions, who signed him in April 2013. After the Lions released him in August, he had a workout with the Green Bay Packers. The Cleveland Browns also gave him a tryout before the Lions signed him.

On Friday, Rugland spoke with several players, including punter Sam Martin and kicker Matt Prater, as well as special teams coach John Bonamego.

Now, he's just waiting for another chance to impress an NFL team.

"You can't plan in this business, so I'm just going to be ready if an opportunity comes," he said.