Foote: UM football has too many 'trust fund babies'

The Detroit News

Former Detroit Pershing and Michigan star linebacker Larry Foote didn't hold back on giving his opinions on the Lions, Wolverines football and other topics Tuesday in an interview with Mike Stone on 97.1-FM.

Asked about the current Michigan team, which is 5-5, Foote said, "They better change up their recruiting. They better get some eyes in there that can find some NFL talent. Michigan better go back to the hood (recruiting). They've got too many trust fund babies and they look like that when they're playing. They've got guys out there – they're just happy. They're happy they're playing at Michigan. But that's not Michigan football; the attitude has to change."

Foote is now with the Cardinals, who host the Lions on Sunday.

Stone asked Foote if he thinks Michigan will be able to land another former Wolverine, Jim Harbaugh, as head coach if Brady Hoke is fired.

"No," said Foote. "When you have an NFL job … college will always be there. Given his body of work and what he already did at Stanford, I don't see that happening."