Allen Park — Lions defensive end Jason Jones rushed to Nashville Wednesday to be with his 7-month-old son, Cannon, who underwent emergency surgery.

Jones was at the Lions' practice facility Wednesday when he got a phone call with the news and immediately went to the airport.

"Once I got the phone call, I was out of here," he said after practicing Friday.

After missing practice Wednesday and Thursday, there was a growing chance Jones wouldn't be available for Sunday's game against the New England Patriots, but returning for Sunday's important matchup was the least of his concerns.

"I really wasn't worried about the game at all," Jones said. "I was worried about my son. He's good now, so now I'm focused back on the Patriots."

Jones has started every game this season for the Lions opposite fellow end Ziggy Ansah. He has 12 tackles and two sacks, but impacts the game beyond statistics as a gap stuffer on the edge.

Though he didn't provide much detail, Jones said his son needed an incision on his abdomen, and lucky for the Lions, the infant was recovering well.

"It's the biggest relief of all," Jones said. "I probably wouldn't have been here if he wasn't showing so much good signs of improvement, but he was improving well so I decided that I was comfortable enough to leave."

While Jones was gone, he said his teammates sent him words of encouragement, but now that he's back, he's glad everything is back to normal.

"It feels good just to be back around the guys, laughing and joking," he said.

Tricky Brady

Brady is far from the fastest quarterback in the NFL, but the Lions will have to protect against plays he can make with his legs Sunday.

When defenses aren't set or Brady sees an open gap, he'll just put his head down and sneak to gain a few easy yards regardless of where the Patriots are on the field.

"He's the best in the business at it," Lions coach Jim Caldwell said. "He's proven that time and time again. With him, he's mastered everything that he does. He's mastered the cadence, he's mastered no huddle, he's mastered the quarterback sneak, he's mastered delivery in all those areas just through years and years of practice, and he's talented. There's not anything that this guy can't do well. If he catches you sleeping at any point in time, he could take advantage of you."