Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh will address the media today for the first time since stepping on Aaron Rodgers' injured left calf, a maneuver that earned him a one-game suspension that was later reduced to a $70,000 fine on appeal.

But before Suh addresses reporters Wednesday, at least one tidbit from his appeal hearing in New York Tuesday is already the butt of several jokes on social media.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Suh told appeals officer Ted Cottrell "his feet were numb from cold and he couldn't tell difference between Aaron Rodgers' feet and the ground."

The temperature at kickoff was 27 degrees, warmer than the forecast in the week leading up to the game.

Cottrell didn't buy Suh's excuse, according to Pro Football Talk.

"Although I accept that your feet may have been cold on a late December day in Green Bay, it is difficult for me to believe that you did not feel Aaron Rodgers' leg under you as you stepped on him twice," Cottrell wrote to Suh, according to PFT. "While you may not have consciously intended to cause injury to the opposing player that you stepped on, I nonetheless believe that you could have avoided — and had the responsibility to avoid — making such dangerous contact with your opponent's leg — twice. Your conduct was a clear violation of the Playing Rules and was outside the normal course of the game of football. It must be emphasized that illegal acts that jeopardize the safety of other players, as was certainly the case here, will not be tolerated in this League."

Despite not buying Suh's defense, Cottrell reduced Suh's punishment to allow him to play in the Lions' playoff game Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys.

The Lions also reportedly had executives speak on Suh's behalf about how devastating his loss would be.