Report: Tate angered Wilson didn't refute affair rumors

The Detroit News

Detroit Lions receiver Golden Tate is angered Seattle Seahawks' Russell Wilson didn't immediately quash rumors he had an affair with the quarterback's wife, according to a report.

Tate has vehemently denied the innuendos. The former Seahawk was interviewed by TMZ while out with friends in Beverly Hills, California Wednesday.

"It's sad he's letting this go on," said Tate, who described the relationship with his former QB as "still all right."

Asked if Wilson believes the rumors were true, Tate replied, "I don't know what he believes."

The Lions does know he would have made the crucial catch deep in New England territory late in the Super Bowl, though.

Like everyone, Tate was surprised Wilson didn't hand off to running back Marshawn Lynch but instead attempted to throw to Richard Lockett. The Patriots' Malcolm Butler intercepted the pass, ending the Seahawks' comeback.

"I have a lot of confidence in myself, so of course, I would have caught it," Tate said.