Safety Glover Quin predicts 7-1 start for Lions

Josh Katzenstein
The Detroit News

Allen Park — During the 2014 season, Lions free safety Glover Quin would hold court in front of his locker each Wednesday for what he called, "Sound Bite Wednesday."

This Wednesday, Quin met the media for the first time this offseason, and his nearly 34-minute news conference included an 8-minute segment in which he ran down the Lions' 2015 schedule and predicted the team to start 7-1.

It started innocently with Quin explaining how he looked at the schedule when the NFL released it Tuesday night. When the season starts, he'll take it one game at a time, but for now, he doesn't mind looking ahead.

"When I go through the schedule… I try to be as realistic about the NFL as possible, and granted I know any team can beat you on any given day," he said. "But, at this point in time is when you get to look at the schedule and have fun and say, OK, hey man, I'm going to assume that everybody is playing their best game. I'm not going to assume that somebody's playing a bad game or whatever. I'm going to assume that everybody's playing their best game."

And, from memory, Quin ran through the first four games of the season. Oddly enough, he said he was texting with Chargers safety Eric Weddle when the schedule came out, and the Lions will travel to San Diego for Week 1.

"OK, it's a road game for us all the way across the country, but I feel like if San Diego plays their best game, we play our best game, I feel like the Detroit Lions, we should beat San Diego," Quin said. "So I gave us 1-0.

"Then we go to Minnesota. Well, that is a division game. We have to win that one. I feel like we can go on the road, and we will beat the Minnesota Vikings. So that gives us 2-0."

With two games on the road, this will be the first time in Quin's seven-year career that he won't open the season at home. The Lions' home opener is Week 3 on NBC's "Sunday Night Football."

"Then, we come home — primetime, Sunday night, Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos. Yeah, they're a good team — playoff team, great quarterback, great weapons, great defense. But that's going to be our home opener. Our fans are going to be rowdy. It's going to be Sunday night. It's going to be primetime, and we're going to have some good momentum. We're going to be 2-0 coming back home. I just feel like we could beat Denver at home on Sunday night. So that gives us 3-0.

"And that sets up for a perfect trip to Seattle, and you have to see how that one plays out."

Quin's final comment drew laughter as it was the first time he let doubt creep in about any of the first four games. The Lions play the back-to-back NFC champion Seahawks in Seattle on a Monday night in Week 4, and Quin wouldn't definitely mark it as a loss.

"If we're playing our best and they're playing their best, it's going to come down to one or two big plays in the game," he said. "Whoever makes those plays is who's going to win."

Quin admitted that the Lions could lose in Minnesota and perhaps win in Seattle, but either way, he's expecting a 3-1 start. And after some prodding, Quin agreed to go through the next four games.

In Week 5, the Lions host the Cardinals, a team that's beaten them six times in a row but five of those were on the road.

"We played them tough in Arizona, and so this year Arizona has to come to us," Quin said. "So we owe Arizona, so we should take that one."

Next, the Lions host the Bears.

"It's a division game. We've got to win our division games, so we've got to beat Chicago," Quin said. "After that, Minnesota. So that's a chance to sweep Minnesota early in the year and that's another division game and that's a home game for us, so we have to beat Minnesota. So that's, what, 6-1?

"And then we go to London. You never know how that plays out. It's a neutral field, Kansas City's a great team, a great running back (Jamaal Charles) and you just never know, so I will say we could go to London and beat Kansas City. So, that puts us at 7-1 at the bye."

Now, the Lions will just hope Quin is as good at prognostication as he is at tracking an interception.