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Lions merit only 26th in Uni Watch Power Rankings

The Detroit News
Paul Lukas is not a big fan of the black trim worn by Matthew Stafford and the Lions.

The Detroit Lions managed only the No. 26 spot in the annual Uni Watch NFL Power Rankings.

Uni Watch master Paul Lukas downgrades the Lions for not emphasizing enough "that Honolulu blue thing."

Lukas: "Former Lions GM Matt Millen is gone, but his legacy lives on in the form of all the black trim on the Lions' uniforms. Every stripe, every numeral, every letter, the color break in the socks, the helmet logo, the facemask -- all accented in black. Look, gang, here's how it works: You've got that Honolulu blue thing going. You should own that color. Don't tart it up with black. And a less gimmicky number font would help, too."

The top three are the Steelers, Raiders and Packers, with the Jaguars bringing up the rear in the 32-team NFL.