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Allen Park — Being a receiver on the same team with Calvin Johnson, it's sometimes easy to be overlooked.

While Johnson and Golden Tate draw a lot of the attention — from fans and opposing defenses — the other Lions receivers sometimes get lost.

But Corey Fuller, a sixth-round pick from Virginia Tech in 2013, is hoping to make a bigger impact this season. After not playing in his rookie season, Fuller played in every game last year, finishing with 14 catches for 212 yards and a touchdown.

Those numbers might not seem like much, but behind Johnson (71 catches, 1,077 yards and eight touchdowns) and Tate (99 for 1,331 yards, four touchdowns), there wasn't much left.

"You hear the play in the huddle and you know what to expect and what the coaches want," Fuller said Wednesday. "You don't have think too much and just go out and do what you have to do.

"I just get to do what the coaches ask me to do and try to get better every single day. Coach (Jim) Caldwell talks about building 1 percent every day and see how much you can climb. That's my whole agenda."

Part of that improvement comes from shadowing receivers like Johnson and Tate. But Fuller also has gotten some insight from newly acquired receiver Lance Moore.

"I've been watching Calvin since Day 1 that I got here," Fuller said. "Golden came in last year and he was really knowledgeable and helped us a lot. With Lance coming in this year, he's been on a whole different level. I've learned so much from him in the little bit of time he's been here."

It's not so much coaches tinkering with running routes or refining footwork, but with the fine details of making the defense react and positioning.

"It becomes a function of the little nuances that they learn: body position, how to affect the defender that's covering them, soft spots in zones," Caldwell said. "Once you get the system in place where you understand what's being called, you don't have to think about that and you can start to develop your game a little bit more.

"That's the area they help Corey with."

For Fuller (6-foot-2, 205 pounds), the opportunities aren't plentiful, but when Johnson missed three games last season, he had two starts, chipping in three catches for 44 yards and a touchdown in a victory over the Saints. He added three more receptions and 433 yards the next week against the Falcons.

With high expectations for the offense last season, the Lions didn't quite get as much as they wanted from the offense, but with some improvements, the passing game could be more potent.

"Who knows where we can go?" Fuller said. "We have a better understanding of the offense and the young guys are coming in and picking up, so I think we can be really good."