Lions' Calvin Johnson returns to Twitter

Josh Katzenstein
The Detroit News

Calvin Johnson is back on Twitter after a hiatus, which he said happened because someone hacked his account.

The church shooting in Charleston, S.C., apparently prompted the Lions' star receiver's return to the social media site.

"Hi Twitter I've had many emotions since the heinous act in S.C. but eventually it comes down to how we raise our own and those we can impact," Johnson wrote in one tweet.

Calvin Johnson's Twitter

"That's if we want to see change. We are born with love, hate is learned so let's love our neighbor. Happy Father's Day," he wrote in another.

Johnson was rarely active even when he had Twitter in the past, but perhaps he'll continue to chime in on issues related to social justice.

Johnson also gave a shout out to his foundation, which is hosting its annual scholarship presentation dinner in Atlanta on June 27.