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Lions’ Levy appears to take up volcano sledding

Rod Beard
The Detroit News

As if playing football isn’t tough enough during the season, Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy is finding ways to keep the excitement going in the offseason.

Levy, who has posted photos in the past on Instagram of his adventures, added to the collection last week, with some pictures that he tagged from South America. He captioned the photo: “I don’t always go sledding, but when I do, it’s down an active volcano. Leon, Nicaragua. #BigFootHostel #CerroNegro.”

In the photo collage, Levy is donning a full beard and goggles with an orange jumpsuit. In other photos, Levy is seen falling off a board.

It’s unclear whether the new photos were taken this summer or last year, but they were posted within the past week.

Another collage of photos shows Levy apparently flying above the Chilean town of San Pedro de Atacama, tagging the photos: “Views of #DeathValley and #SanPedroDeAtacama.”

Levy also is shown among tall trees at Sequoia National Park, with the tag: “2000 year old Sequoias. I may or may not have wanted to hug a tree or something. #SequoiaNationalPark.”

In a previous photos posted to his Instagram account, Levy walked on the wing of a plane and toured the large stone heads at Easter Island.