Wootton, out for season, hopes for another chance

Josh Katzenstein
The Detroit News

The timing of Corey Wootton’s injury couldn’t have been much worse.

In the last two minutes of the preseason finale, Wootton suffered a torn pectoral muscle when he tried to sack Buffalo quarterback Matt Simms. Now, he’ll spend the rest of the season injured reserve.

“It’s definitely really frustrating,” he said last week. “I was finally starting to get the scheme and kind of doing what they wanted from me. I had a couple sacks the game before and was rushing the passer pretty good.”

After laboring to put his clothes on, still in pain from the injury, Wootton said he wasn’t sure yet when he would undergo surgery. When the injury happened, Wootton said he heard a pop, so he knew right away it would be bad.

Wootton’s only statistical contribution in the final exhibition was a quarterback hit in the second quarter, but the week before, he had two sacks, a tackle for loss and a fumble recovery.

Despite some splash plays, Wootton was unlikely to make the 53-man roster with Phillip Hunt having a superior performance this summer. Still, the injury might have prevented Wootton from earning an opportunity elsewhere.

Wootton said he dealt with a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his knee during his college years at Northwestern and doesn’t expect this recovery process to be as tough as that one.

“I’ll bounce back from it,” he said. “I’m just going to work that much harder to come back.”

While he’s out, Wootton said he’ll focus on being a student of the game and watching as much film as possible. And after signing a one-year deal in May, he’ll have to wait to see if the Lions want to give him another opportunity to make the team in 2016.

“I would love another chance,” Wootton said. “Hopefully that’s what they see in me, but in this league, you never know.”