Lions’ Ihedigbo avoids NFL fine for hit on Allen

Rod Beard
The Detroit News

Allen Park — Lions safety James Ihedigbo was on the lookout for a special package in his locker on Wednesday.

Generally, that’s not a good thing, as a package arriving on a Wednesday usually mean there’s a fine from the NFL.

In Sunday’s loss at San Diego, Ihedigbo was flagged for a personal foul in the second quarter after hitting Chargers receiver Keenan Allen after a 19-yard catch. Ihedigbo got a 15-yard penalty and was worried that he might get an additional fine.

But as of early Wednesday afternoon, there was nothing from the NFL.

“I don’t have a FedEx in my locker; I shouldn’t hear from the league,” Ihedigbo said. “I was (concerned) because they fine you for everything. I didn’t get one, though.”

Ihedigbo argued that he decelerated and didn’t lead with his head on the hit and believed he had a good enough case for an appeal, if he were fined.

In determining whether a player should be fined, Ihedigbo argues, the entirety of the play should be considered. In his case, he was trying to protect himself, as Allen was coming at him and he was trying to avoid injury.

“It’s all about the intent and that’s what should be the big thing when they’re handing out fines — what your intent was during the play,” he said. “Clearly, my intent wasn’t to cause excessive injury or hurt.”