Stafford's wife Kelly still a cheerleader

The Detroit News
Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford's wife, Kelly, was a cheerleader at Georgia.

Seems that spirit hasn't left her.

After the Lions' first win of the season, Sunday against the Bears, Kelly went on Instagram to show her allegiance to her hubby and his teammates.

"It's pretty inspiring to watch someone go through what this man did in the past eight days," Kelly wrote Monday. "Witnessing the true aspect of a team pick up their leader and brush him off, backing him every step of the way. He is truly blessed to play with the men, friends, on that field. Never once did his confidence flee from him.

" ... It's hard to rise when you feel like no one believes, but it's easier when your teammates are the ones who do. I am beyond grateful for those men and beyond grateful for a husband who never stops fighting. It's one game, but it was a big one. Time to go build on that."

It wasn't the first time Kelly has used Instagram to defend her husband.

"Although many in this city have already turned their back on the Lions and Matthew, we will never stop supporting Detroit," she wrote earlier this season. "No matter how many #9 jerseys people burn or how many negative things people say about these players they will continue to fight for a championship for this city."