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Time is right to trade Calvin Johnson, analyst says

The Detroit News
Calvin Johnson

CBS Sports analyst and former NFL linebacker Bart Scott says the Lions will not win the Super Bowl with Calvin Johnson and so it's time for the team to "part ways" with the star receiver.

"I think it's time for the Lions to part ways with (Johnson)," Scott said during a CBS Sports Radio interview. "You're not going to win a championship with him. He's just going to get older and retire and you're not going to get anything with him. He's eating up a huge chunk of the salary cap. It's time to blow this thing up.

"... Right now you can trade Megatron and get a first-round draft pick and you get cap space. I think that's the smart move right there."

Scott also said the Lions should "maybe get rid of (Matthew) Stafford."

Ahead of the 2012 season, Johnson signed an eight-year, $150.5 million contract with the Lions, with $60 million guaranteed.

Johnson turned 30 in September. He has 43 catches this season for 574 yards and three TD. He is on pace for 98 catches and 1,312 yards.

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